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WhatsApp’s daily usage overtakes Snapchat’s in three months

With 175 million people using it daily, WhatsApp’s status feature became the second Facebook-owned app that leaves Snapchat’s totals behind in the video segment that they developed and until recently, ruled as the sole leader.

The latest earning report from Mark Zuckerberg’s company has shown how it took only three months for the messaging app status features to catch up to the now-mere 161 million users that 3rd place Snapchat reported last month.

Standing at the top as the current leader is Instagram after it was announced last month that their daily usage total stands at 200 million users.

Ironically, when they were released, Instagram and WhatsApp’s faced the same type of criticism, being accused of being blatant copies or “rip-offs” of the former leader interface and formula but the complaints have fallen on deaf ears, and users continue to embrace and use these new features.

Also on top of Instagram and WhatsApp’s ensuing takeover of the segment, Facebook itself have incorporated the status features to its mobile app, offering the same functionalities, including visual geolocation tags, filters, and lenses to the pictures and videos that users can post

Not long ago, Snapchat was the one and only option for those that wanted to make awesome video statuses of their daily activities, and it seemed unstoppable, but now is a brave new world and the app doesn’t look like it can withstand the relentless advances of the competition.

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