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USB-C Vs. Thunderbolt 3: Which connection standard is the best?

In the peripheral devices arena, two names stand above the rest when it comes to connectivity standards: USB-C and Thunderbolt 3.

While both of these standards currently share what mostly is the same type of plug, there are vast differences these two technologies.

For a better understanding of their differences, let’s see each standard’s features and then, how they stack against each other.


When the latest version of this popular standard was launched in 2014, it took on the task of enhancing and eventually replacing his predecessors (USB 2 and USB 3), which share the same physical characteristics, to a new redesigned, more stable and faster standard.

The type-C is a 24-pin double-sided connector (allowing it to be plugged in either way), connects to both host and device, and offers up to 10 GBit/s data rate.

Thunderbolt 3

This Intel-owned standard first appeared in 2015. In the beginning, the different connector made the two previous generations less known due to the popularity of the USB ports as the de-facto standard in most computers.

But everything changed with the third iteration. This time, Intel opted to take the physical connector of the USB-C, instead of a proprietary one, making it possible for users and brands to depend on a sole standard for the first time.

Due to its technology and features, Thunderbolt 3 offers 40 GBit/s transfer rate, Bi-directional, dual-protocol (PCI Express and DisplayPort), making it capable of supporting two 4K displays (4096 x 2160 30bpp @ 60 Hz) simultaneously.  


While both standards offer many advantages, it is clear that performance-wise, the best of the two is the Thunderbolt 3, due to its stability and superior data transfers speeds.

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