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Tyche Case for iPhone 7: Solid protection for a top device

Smartphone lovers know how particular their devices are to them, but among all the available devices in the market, the iPhone 7 stands in a category of its own.

Considered by many as one of the top mobile devices in the world by almost every measure, and their users want to protect them as such.

Everybody can agree that a flimsy, unreliable, no name case is not going to cut it. MoArmouz knows that, decided to take the challenge of making a strong and robust case for the iPhone 7, and came up with the Tyche Case.

The reinvention of protection

When looking for protective gear for a smartphone, people tend to look for cases that combine excellent protection, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal.

In most scenarios, top protection can result in a cumbersome, or even ugly case but that’s not the case with the Tyche Case from MoArmouz. The company decided to create an innovating product with the best combination of these aspects, and they did it.

The Tyche is a hybrid case built from hard and soft polycarbonate. This unique combination of materials results offers excellent drop protection with shock-absorbing capacities.

Also, the soft inner shell of the bumper case incorporates their Shock Spread technology with a honeycomb structure to enhance fall protection and increasing its security level to meet military standards.

Stylish comfort and ease of use

Even with all its enhanced protection, this bumper case is extremely lightweight.
During the creation process, one of the primary goals was to provide maximum protection at minimum weight, so the case is fully capable of providing a complete impact protection without interfering or obstructing user experience.

In the end, when you went looking for the best device, you didn’t cut any corners, so why risk the investment with a bad case. Fit your iPhone 7 with an amazing Tyche Case, and forget about worrying for the wellbeing of your smartphone.

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