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Shock Absorbers for your Samsung Galaxy is finally here!


We know that quality is the most important to you, that’s why MoArmouz uses the finest quality and durable materials to protect now your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7, check it out!

This protective case features a sturdy, shock-absorbent construction, with a unique hard back panel flexible matte edge and a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection. Its solid body can protect your mobile from drops, bumps, and scratches. Every corner has a special protective piece with a coating that provides extra, long lasting protection.

This amazing protective case for your mobile features a slim, transparent body that improves the life quality and can embrace and improve the original, modern design of your phone.

Your camera has the protection it deserves with us! This protective case keep your camera safe from scratches, letting you take clear and bright pictures. The MoArmouz protective clear bumper can provide excellent protection for your mobile camera. Now, you will never have to worry about scratches again in your purse or pocket. Your pictures will be flawless and clear and you will be able to capture the moment.

Keeping you satisfied is our priority! To learn more about MoArmouz, just click here:

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