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Samsung continues to expand its presence in the Indian Market with the Galaxy C7 Pro

The Korean phone maker, Samsung, launched their newest device for the Indian market: The Galaxy C7 Pro. This device will look to continue to extend the dominance of the company as the top mobile company in this Asian nation.

The C7 Pro offers a robust set of features for a midrange phone, combining a lot of processing power, stylish looks, and efficiency.

Features wise, this smartphone has a 5.7 inch 1920 x 1080px Super AMOLED display, with a 2.2GHz octa-core Snapdragon 625 SoC (4GB of RAM). Both front and rear cameras have a 16 mp with a f/1.9 aperture.

The C7 Pro also has a storage capacity of 64 GB and accepts microSD cards up to 256 GB

Samsung experienced a rocky 2016 around the globe with their problem with the Note 7, but it decided to reestablish their brand’s presence and equity with several new products on 2017.

Their executives are well aware that the second largest mobile devices market on the planet is India, and having the biggest market share on it will require consistent effort from the company to keep away from the competition, and the C7 Pro is one of its first steps towards this goal.

Later this month, Samsung will also release their most recent flagship smartphone: The Galaxy S8.

The S8 will be the newest member of their successful line of top of the line devices and one that promises to rekindle the heated battle with Apple’s iPhone for the supremacy as the best phone on the market.

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