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PU Wooden Protective Case: Maximum protection with a stylish design

We can all agree that Smartphones have become a crucial part of our life. They allow us to perform a multitude of tasks (work, study, entertainment, communication, etc.) with ease and reliability.

While most users may not pay too much thought to their choice of device protection, some are more demanding with the item that will be in charge of protecting their phones, especially if it’s one as cool as the iPhone X.

Considering this factor, Moarmouz decided to take their signature offer of smartphone cases that provide rock solid protection, and top craftsmanship at an incredible price into a new level with the PU Wooden Protective case.

These series combines the most beautiful materials like wood and leather, and the most robust TPU shock-resistant protection to produce an item that aesthetically pleasing and well crafted, but capable of keeping your gadgets safe.

By putting a lot of focus in the aesthetic elements without slacking in the protection features, Moarmouz produced a case that can make devices like high end and luxurious like the iPhone X look as good or even better than they do look without it.

In the end, the PU Wooden Protective Case is another fantastic item from Moarmouz, a company that remains focused on delivering excellent products to their clients. 

PU Wooden Protective Case Features:

  • Lightweight design.
  • Exposed rubberized TPU, with raised edges.
  • Shockproof.
  • Dual-Layer Protection (Wood + TPU Shock-Resistant Protection)
  • Precise Cutouts for Camera, Buttons, Speaker, Audio Jack, & Charger.

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