Why Prefer Moarmouz Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Your Smart Phone?

Cell phone is a huge investment for many owners. It is, therefore, important for them to protect the value of the phone whichever way they can. Since a cell phone’s screen is one of the most vulnerable areas, it is necessary to protect it from scratches, dust, glare and UV rays as much as possible. One way of doing this is using a tempered glass screen protector.


Although slightly more expensive than their plastic counterparts, the tempered glass screen protectors offer a number of benefits. They are designed to replace film/plastic screen protectors. The protective sheet of tempered glass fits to your phone in the same way as a traditional screen protector. It protects your phone screen from damage and scratches.

Look & Feel

Tempered glass screen protectors are designed to enhance the look and feel of the mobile phone screen. Thickness of the tempered glass screen protectors is measured in mm. A 0.4mm thickness is than a screen protector with 0.3mm thickness. The lower the better and the lighter it is.

9H Surface Hardess

Adopting imported glass material, through special tempering treatment of the original glass hardness, it achieves the amazing hardness of 9H. Unlike regular screen protectors, tempered glass is toughened and difficult to scratch.

Oleophobic Coating

The oleophobic coating resists fingerprints and makes cleaning the screen easy. These screen protectors are thin, non-intrusive and optically clear. This means that the panel has no effect on the screen’s quality, contrast or brightness. All sensors built into the phone (such as light and proximity sensors) work unaffected through the glass. Devices with front cameras are also unaffected. Most importantly, the phone’s touch screen works exactly the same as it did before. 

Silicon Adhesion

The silicon adhesion allows tempered glass screen protectors bond perfectly to your phone, without large bubbles and imperfections. When removed, the phone’s glass will be in perfect condition without any residue. Unlike some other protectors that claim to be glass, this is real glass and not acrylic.


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