Innovation for all Ages: Mobile Devices for Children


We all agree that technology has advanced so fast and has had such a significant impact in our lives that is part of our daily routine without noticing it. But as we’ve seen is not only for grown-ups, our children also beneficiates from the universe of possibilities that tablets and smartphones bring us.

Swiping, playing games and searching on mobile devices is intuitive even for younger children and according to Health Day News, children as young as two can get a huge benefit from using a tablet computer, because using applications specifically designed for small children enables significant child development opportunities.

In this sense, parents have discovered that even their smallest kids quickly learn how to swipe, unlock the screen, and search for features. In addition, kids learn to identify and use specific icons and applications with a minimum of instruction.

Even children as young as 12 months old have been able to use tablet features, because they normally use their sense of touch to explore the world around them, that’s why it seems that touch screens appear to be custom made for the youngest of computer users.

Nevertheless, parents must also take responsibility for the use and content of applications that their children use and limiting the time the toddlers dedicate to be in front of the screen. The general recommendation is about two hours for total screen time per day and for children under the age of two there shouldn’t be any time.

The mobile devices are a complement to the educational and recreational activities that the children have and we are eager to bring to you the best accessories and tools to optimize your and your child’s experience with mobile devices.

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