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The Iris Case: Striking military grade protection for the iPhone 7

When you look at the best smartphones in the market, the iPhone 7 is one of the names that you can see at the top of most lists.

Powerful and sleek, this device has been highly regarded by critics and public since its release.

Taking that fact into consideration is no wonder that most users love to keep their phones as safe as they can.

Although, this search can be complicated.

Trying to find a bumper case that provides robust protection but doesn’t directly interfere or cover its appealing design is not an easy thing, but now MoArmouz’s Iris bumper case is here to change that.

High-quality protection in four different colors

A fundamental factor in the effectiveness of any bumper is the material used in its construction.

MoArmouz knows this full well and chooses a combination of resilient polycarbonate, shock-absorbing silicon, and the flexible TPU for the Iris, one that delivers military-grade protection (Abiding to MIL-STD 810G standard).

This potent mix of materials combined with an efficient design allows the Iris to safeguard the device from almost any bump, hit or fall, without affecting its looks.

Having the option of choosing between Black, Blue, White, and Pink, gives the buyer the chance to not only protect the phone but also enhance its looks with a color of its preference.

It takes little effort to see all the benefits that provide using the Iris bumper case, keeping your iPhone in mint condition with the peace of mind that comes from using one of the industry’s top brands in MoArmouz.

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