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New iPhone SE & iPhone 8 are expected to hit the market in the second half of 2017

According to a recent report, Apple is setting everything to release not one, but two new phones in 2017. The devices expected to be released: The second generation of the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8.iPhone 8.

While been one of the world’s most popular smartphone makers, Apple has developed a reputation for carrying a secretive launch strategy, making the rumors and reports more frequent than with any other brand in the market.

Most times, the Cupertino-based brand makes one large launch event for its mobile devices, but French publication iGeneration reports claim that this year, it will hold two events: One in August and the second in October.

Conflicting versions of the August event

On the first event, rumors claim that a new iPhone SE will take center stage, but several voices across the industry see that the 4-inch display segment is getting too narrow to justify another product of the type.

Since there has not been an official statement on the subject, there are no confirmed specifications on a new SE, leaving the possibility of the SE to end up being the most affordable iPhone but even with a size closer to the now popular 5-inch size.

A particular kind of mystery

The star of the second round of rumors is not only the newest version of one of the top smartphones in the world but is also expected to be the Tenth Anniversary Special Edition of it.

Several sources are citing production challenges as the main reason for the delay, see Apple’s OLED iPhone 8 taking the spotlight in a launch event between September and October.

While appealing and exciting in general, the secretive nature of the brand’s launches makes it all too difficult to discuss the specs of their upcoming releases before they hit the market.

One thing seems to be certain, by the end of 2017, there’s going to be -at least – a new iPhone hitting stores near you.

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