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IPad Mini 4 Tempered Glass: Premium quality protection for your tablet

Mobile devices from smartphones to tablets have become ever-present in our everyday life. We take and use them anywhere, increasing the chance of drops, scratches or any other damage due to clumsiness.

The best way to protect your gadgets like the iPad Mini is to use a tempered glass protector, but not all of them are meant to last or be comfortable to use.

Some are flimsy, made from inferior materials or can even diminish the quality of the image that you enjoy from your devices, making the use of it more of an inconvenience.

After taking all these factors into consideration and the particularities of the iPad Mini 4, MoArmouz developed a screen protector that puts all others to shame.

Our Premium HD Clear Screen Protector Film allows you to experience your Apple tablet’s display the way it was intended, with the benefit of enhanced protection.

Our Tempered glass protectors are made with chemically processed glass that provides an excellent display image, high sensitivity, and comfortable touch feeling.

The material hardness has been rated at 9H, making very tough and resistant to scratches.

It also comes with an anti-oil coating that lets you avoid dirt and smudges while reducing the fingerprint marks to almost zero.

All this protection comes perfectly measured and cut, so you focus merely on enjoying your iPad Mini 4, and nothing more.

So the next time you want to protect your device against the risks of daily usage and clumsiness, turn to a brand you can trust, a brand like MoArmouz.


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