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Latest Instagram update allows you to post landscape and portrait albums

Instagram continues to develop and transform the different functionalities within the app, and with its latest update, it gives you the chance to post albums with landscape or portrait-oriented photos.

Since its introduction in February 2017, the Photo Albums feature had been pretty straightforward, providing the users to only post their pictures in the original photo format of Instagram, the square one.

With that setting, users were obligated to crop their images to post several in one publication, but that’s no longer the case.

This change is a great one for those who love to share their memories and experiences through this social network, without having to cut or adjust too much of their pictures.

On the other side, while the update is helpful, you have to stick to one format thru the whole album and adapt the images to it.

For better understanding, this is how the feature works: You upload the first pic to the album, and it’s that pic’s orientation will set the rest of the album.

The inability to mix photos with different orientation properly may be annoying at first but is more than likely that the people at Instagram headquarters are already working on a solution to this issue, so that everybody can post their album how they see fit, without having to worry about the orientation of the photos anymore. 

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