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Huawei has an OS that can compete with Android and iOS

The landscape looked troubling for Huawei mobile products after they started to have problems with Donald Trump-led US administration, but a recent report may paint a different picture. 

After years of depending on Android, the only dominant OS stable, secure alternative to Apple’s iOS, the Chinese brand seemed to be doomed, having to deal with products with great potential on the hardware side, but with no operating system to run on, but apparently the company was already long before prepared for this moment.

Reports out of China are stating that Huawei is delivering the finishing touches to a new proprietary OS that run 60% faster than Android or iOS, and this system will go by the name of HongMeng OS.

This information comes straight from the vice-chairman of the Asian phone maker, Ken Hu. On top of this, Huawei is testing the software and may release it bundled with their highly-expected, upcoming product, The Mate 30. 

If these reports are factual, the company may be on their way to transform the mobile phone landscape with a software offering that could compete directly with the monopoly that the US has carried since the arrival of this technology with Android and iOS. 

For the moment, will have to wait and see if Hu’s company can deliver on their promise but just the possibility of bringing a new major player in the software side for mobile devices may infuse the market with a new wave of excitement and interest.

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