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How to protect the iPhone 8 with Moarmouz

Apple’s iPhone is one of the newest devices from a lineup of phones that have transformed the industry.

While this version may not hold the same level of dominance over the competition from Android, it still sits among the world’s best smartphones and rightfully so.

It is clear that the iPhone 8 appeals to a broad spectrum of people, but each user loves to customize or protect their gadget in a way that shows how they are.

Moarmouz is well aware of this fact and had created a lineup of cases that suit different styles and needs.  This set of alternatives allows you to keep your phone safe without sacrificing your taste or style.

The first option is Electroplated case.

A back case cover with striking aesthetic featuring a metal plating gilled frame that makes your device look even more high end and luxurious.

This back case cover offers full transparency (keeping the natural beauty of the phone's design) while being flexible.

It is not easy to break or distort, thanks to its solid construction out of Premium Quality, Ultra-flexible, Grip & Anti-Slip, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Harmless Soft TPU Silicone.

An excellent choice for those who love Apple’s aesthetic but don’t want to expose their phone to any damage.

The Rugged Bumper Case is our second alternative for iPhone lovers.

Our brand saw the concept of the primary bumper case, and took it to a whole other level, producing an item that can withstand harsh conditions without losing its great looks.

Our version offers maximum protection (so fierce that it complies with Military standards like the MIL-STD 810G) at a minimum weight, resulting in a case that is fully capable of providing full impact protection without obstructing your user experience.

Additionally, as a bonus, this case is equally effective on an iPhone 7 as well the 8.

Last but certainly not least, we have our best product: the Air Hybrid Case.

When Moarmouz decided to create the protective case in the market for the 8, they worked hard, and their combined effort produced an item that can withstand the toughest test without a problem, by combining some of the latest innovation in protection with the best materials.

Note that the Air Hybrid Case’s corners are equipped with Air-Cushion Technology for much-needed drop and shock protection.

Its clear backing and colored border give your phone an extra pop of color, that goes very well with its ultra slim, lightweight TPU case guards, keeping your phone safe from everyday scratches, bumps, drops, fingerprints, and dirt.

Now is up to you to see and pick the Moarmouz’s case that fits your needs best. One thing is for sure; it doesn’t matter which one you choose, your device will remain safe under the proven protection from a brand that you can trust.

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