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Google starts the beta testing phase of the next version of Android

With several promising updates, Google released the developer’s preview of their latest release of Android, currently identify under the name “Android O” on March 21.

By the time the development is completed, this new version will come as the successor to the acclaimed Android Nougat that took the system to new heights in efficiency, performance and overall user experience.

Improving a great product

The Mountain View giant knows that their developers did a great job with Nougat but they can’t miss a step in their hard fought with Apple’s iOS for the supremacy of the mobile devices operating systems.

For “O,” they are putting their focus on app performance, notifications and battery life, as some of the most important aspects they want to improve.

On the current version, Android developers started to implement a stricter control on how the apps run and the way they operate in the background, and they play to continue down that road on their next incarnation of the little robot OS.

Enhancing how this process works will allow a better management of the power expenditure, therefore improving the battery life drastically.

On the notifications behalf, Google is looking to create better customization and more control over what and how the notifications will appear to the user.

All of these updates are currently in development, and the final version of Android O can end up featuring, even more, features, but for the time being, things look promising for the latest version of Android.

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