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Folio Smart Cover for iPad 11-inch 2018: the best protection for your device

Since the arrival of the first iPad, Apple’s tablet has become a reference for any similar device. Its combination of meticulous design and advanced engineering results deliver a fantastic experience for users.

With any new iteration, the Tim Cook-led brand continues to set the bar higher, and the latest version is no exception.

The iPad 11-inch 2018 is the type of tablet that’s perfect for everyday use, due to its practicality, processing power, and convenience.

Moarmouz knows this full well and went to the drawing board with a clear vision of developing a case that can maximize the device’s characteristics, without making it cumbersome to use.  From that idea, the Folio Smart Cover was born.

Slim, reliable and with a striking aesthetic, this cover will keep your treasured tablet safe from any harm while you enjoyed to its full capacity.

But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The Folio Smart cover its pack with several features that make it stand on top of any competitor.

Some of these features are:

- Perfect Compatibility

- Multi-Stand Angle Slots

- Auto Wake / Sleep

- Support Apple Pencil charging

- Full Protection


It doesn’t matter how you analyze it, the Folio Smart Cover is, without a doubt, among the best cases available for the iPad and the users that love Apple know that there’s no better way to protect their devices than with a Moarmouz case.

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