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Convenient Compact External Battery For Easy Charging On The Go!

If you have a fast lifestyle and no time to charge your devices, well, we have the solution for you! So stop what you are doing and keep reading about this amazing product. It’s about the Top-Line Dual USB Portable Charger By MoArmouz, a coloured Power Bank of 10400 mAh for multiple devices.

This power bank have everything you were looking for, with the highly functional dual usb you can charge your phone and your tablet at the same time. The front cover has a 3D effect thanks to its arched shell design. It is durable and waterproof, the hard shell exterior keeps it safe from water drops and liquid spills. It’s portable and lightweight so you can carry it with you, in your pocket or purse whenever you want and doing whatever you like!

Shake It to activate! This marvelous power bank has a shaking induction starting function that let you wake up the standby mobile power expediently, only shake it without clicking the button.
This power bank by MoArmouz has a powerful and imported lithium battery embedded inside it with 10400 mAh super capacity. It can re-charge your mobile device more than 3 times. It is compatible with all mobile devices and tablets.

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