Exotic and Allure Series Bumpers: A stylish way of protecting your Iphone


When it comes to phone cases or shells one that has become very popular is the bumper case. This is a rectangular enclosure that wraps around the border of the Iphone, one of the advantages of having one is that it doesn’t cover the screen or the back of the phone, so they do not add significant bulk or weight to the phone as much as other cases do, which allows you to have more freedom of movement and enjoy your device.

The sure thing is that if you choose a bumper case you’ll be always protected from any impact because it defends the corners and edges of the phone, which are the parts that are most likely to be dinged or dented. It’s designed mainly for the practical and stylish users who simply want protection against scratches, dents, and bumps at the edges of their phone, but keeping the phone trendy and cool looking.

We have a variety of bumpers in Mo Armouz in our Allure and Exotic Bumpers Series. In this sense we guarantee you that the bumper is very easy to assemble, our stylish, ergonomic design with sponge interior offers great protection but also a distinctive look for your iPhone 5/5s.

Also, we have made sure that every keyhole is precisely reserved and the edge is polished, protecting your phone from dust, shock, scratches and other daily damage. Our bumpers have the perfect holes for headphone jack, dock connector port, and on/off and volume buttons.

Designed to ensure Zero signal loss, the bumper weighs just 15 grams so it won’t weigh the phone down, which will give you the best of both world in terms of quality and looks

So dress up your iPhone with any of our luxury metal texture bumpers. It fits snugly around the edges of your device, preserving the original design and creating a seamless feel.

Click here to view the models we have for you in our exotic and allure bumpers series:


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