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Dual True Wireless Speakers: Beautiful, portable sound inside and out

If you love music and want to enjoy great sound when watching a video or playing a video game, you know that a good set of speakers is fundamental to make this experience all the more enjoyable, but the best wireless sounding equipment tends to be expensive.

After realizing this, MoArmouz set on a quest to develop a solid product, one that offers high-quality sound, portability, and an aesthetically pleasing look, and with the Dual True Wireless Speakers, they not only achieved but exceeded their goal.

Pro sound without the cables

The current state of laptop external speakers is currently looking towards developing wireless equipment that offers superb sound quality, and the Dual True offers just that.

With their uncompromising audio quality, one that showcases crystal clear highs and deep lows that ensure your music will sound great no matter the genre; you will see how the Dual Sonic v2.0 will not only fulfill your expectations while looking incredible on your table or desk.

Solid construction that doesn’t break the bank

When you get a pair of Dual Sonic V2.0, you’ll find very soon that the craftsmanship and quality don’t match their price tag.

They build with very resistant materials, topped with a rubberized matte finish, which completes the clean and modern design, also ensuring that these speakers will always be in-style.

You can get them in two colors: Black and White.

Once again, MoArmouz offers a product that boasts extraordinary sound quality, top resistance, and attractive looks, while also offering the practicality of a wireless speaker, so don’t hesitate, get yourself a pair of the Dual Sonic V2.0 and See it and hear it for yourself.

Turn the volume up, buy one HERE!

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