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Don’t let anything touch your iPad Pro with Moarmouz’s Tempered Glass for iPad Pro

As soon as it was launched, Apple’s new iPad Pro captured the attention of the tech world because its potential to be the first tablet that could replace the laptop all by itself.

While it is not sure that it will become the new standard for personal computing, is true that the more you carried around, and the more you use it, the chances of getting your precious gadget’s screen increase considerably.

Moarmouz knows how vital your gadgets are to you, and any time a new fantastic product like the iPad Pro hits the market, they dive into the drawing board to create new and excellent products that will keep your device safe almost anything, and this time it was no exception at all.

Just from the get-go, be certain that this tempered glass was designed especially for this tablet. It’s quite thin (0.33 mm), delivers 100% touch accurate performance and keeps your screen free from every day scratches!

Also, its open cutout design allows the camera and sensors to work freely, letting you to as many take selfies as you desire or use Face ID efficiently with any interference.  

Having an innovative new feature like the Apple Pencil is impressive, and Moarmouz did not forget about that either. The glass allows the pencil to glide seamlessly over the screen protector’s smooth surface.

By having coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layers, the screen protector does not pick up sweat or fingerprints, keeping your tablet screen clean and smooth all day, every day.

Keeping your mobile device doesn’t require that you spend a considerable amount of money. You only need to go with a brand that you know you can trust, and there’s no doubt that Moarmouz is the right name for the job.

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