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Boost the capabilities of your new MacBook with MoArmouz’s USB Type-C 4 in 1 Hub

In 2016, Apple released its last incarnation of the MacBook Pro, it hit the market with a new, slimmer design and no USB port or Micro SD for the dismay of most of its core users, but then came MoArmouz to their rescue with the USB Type-C 4 in 1 Hub .

MoArmouz thrives on developing cutting edge products that will solve the needs of any laptop or mobile device user. So when the famed laptop maker decided to upgrade the MacBook Pro, removing some of the most popular ports like the USB and Micro SD slot, they knew it was an opportunity to offer an efficient solution.

Simple, useful, and sleek.

One of the challenges of creating a solution for this issue was creating a product that would not only fix all the client’s need but also make it aesthetically matched to the laptop, so it won’t stand out or look unappealing. In both instances, MoArmouz' 4 in 1 hub excelled.

Our product offers complete USB-C Functionality, allowing full-speed MacBook recharging while simultaneously connected to USB 3.0 and HDMI. All of this, while being capable of transferring data at incredible speeds.

Also, with its minimalist design showcasing an aluminum-alloy finish complements the new Apple MacBook.

The small size makes the Type-C USB Hub easy to fit into a purse, backpack, or laptop bag. No matter where your go, you won’t be far from the convenience of accessing your favorite USB devices.

So don’t waste any time, if you have a brand new MacBook Pro or a laptop that could use extra ports, order yourself a 4 in 1 USB Hub from MoArmouz.

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