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Air Hybrid Case for Google Pixel 2: Innovative protection for a groundbreaking device

One thing a lot of people don´t even consider is that having a device so powerful should be protected with something equally advanced.

In Moarmouz we believe that the Pixel 2 is a perfect example of this line of thinking, and designed a case that is up to that standard: the Air Hybrid Case.

This case is the product of our team’s best effort to create an item that does not only provides advanced protection to your device without compromising its features, practicality or aesthetics.

Let’s see more of it in detail.


For the edge, we used environmental protection, non-toxic soft TPU material, and combined with adopted polycarbonate in the back to strengthen the security of the case.


The hybrid design meshes a soft shock-absorbing TPU bumper and a durable Clear Acrylic back plate, a combination that provides protection all around the device. We also incorporated a four shatter-resistant corner system to provide more comprehensive protection.

Practicality and looks

The Air Hybrid Case is refined and ultra slim, allowing the phone to conserve its streamline beauty and original color.

Not only that we raise the back panel higher than the rear camera to keep less likely to be scratched. Also, the edges are slightly higher than the screen to protect it avoiding any damages when your device sits face down on a flat surface.

With its one-piece design, you snap your mobile into this soft shell, and you won't need to be scared of dirt, scratches, or smudges damaging your mobile. All of these without compromising access to bottoms, or any other features. With all these advantages, it is quite clear that the best protective case for the Pixel 2 is the Air Hybrid Case.

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