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Microsoft is working on a phone that can work as a real PC

Using some of the breakthroughs and offerings from their most recently released operating system, Microsoft is in the final stages of establishing the technology required for turning a mobile phone into a full-fledged PC, according to recent reports.

The company has been working for quite some time on this project. Last year; they introduced Continuum, a Windows 10 feature that allows phones to be turned into personal computers, combining the power of Qualcomm Chipsets and the development of Windows 10’s new universal apps to scale to any output, from a phone screen to a monitor.

Currently, Continuum cannot handle apps like Chrome or Photoshop, but developers everywhere are working hard on developing new apps that will make the most out this new tool.

At best, 2017 will represent a significant year for Continuum’s future because is the year when most of these new software options are expected to be released.

While companies like Intel have withdrawn from this trend, others like Asus and Ubuntu gave it a try but nothing with the reach and importance of a name like Microsoft, one that dominates the operating systems environment for PCs.

Year by year, the tech world continues to focus its efforts towards the mobile ecosystem. Microsoft’s goal of creating the perfect synergy of both worlds within a mobile phone’s architecture is an ambitious one, but if they are successful, they may spark a whole new trend of devices that will work not only as a mobile phone but also as your standalone solution for your every computing needs.

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