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One cable for all devices


A cable with the ability to fit in almost all your devices is what you were looking for to make easy all the processes related to your communication equipments. And it is exactly what MoArmouz brings to you with its 2in1 micro USB cable with lightning connector adapter.  It’s a perfect tool because of its versatility. Don’t you believe it? Keep reading, we’ll tell you more.

This 2in1 micro USB cable is Apple MFi certified with 8-pin lightning and micro-USB head designed for all Apple and Android devices. You can connect it directly to your devices or to another power supply -as our MoArmouz 5in1 Desktop USB Charger.

The lightning connector adapter (that make this cable compatible with Apple devices) is not an extra piece you should keep just in case you need it. Actually, it works like an extensión because this piece is part of the same cable. This way you don’t have to worry about losing it.

This cable support eight Apple devices (iPad Air, Air2, mini, mini2, mini3, iPhone5S, iphone6 and iphone6 plus) and a variety of Android mobile phones.

According to, every good cable should have tightly-braided wires inside a spiral foil shield. “The braided wires help prevent electromagnetic interference and provide structural support, while the foil shield reduces interference”. And, for sure, MoArmouz 2in1 USB cable meets these requirements which make it an excellent option for your devices.

Also, this cable will give you maximum comfort at home or work because of its length: 1 meter in total. It will let you connect and handle it easily, giving you proper access to inconvenient or hard to reach USB outlets.

The cable is available in white color and can be found at MoArmouz online store with an incredible price.

You won’t be disappointed, try it now!

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